IA’s Mission and Vision

Information Assurance (IA) at the National Security Agency is tasked with the Information Assurance (IA) mission, and is dedicated to providing customers with Confidence in Cyberspace.

IA’s Mission

Protect Information—Outmaneuver Cyber Adversaries: Information Assurance (IA) protects National Security Systems (NSS) and systems of national interest through risk reduction, engineering, and Active Cyber Defense. IA identifies and corrects security vulnerabilities before our adversaries exploit them, without sacrificing the customer’s ability to use their systems effectively.

IA’s Vision

Confidence in Cyberspace: In the face of rapidly evolving cyber threats and challenges, IA strives to promote network security and resiliency to protect customer data from intrusion. IA’s products and services provide the most relevant technical solutions to secure the Nation’s most powerful commodity: information.

IA’s Value

IA is founded on a unique and deep understanding of risks, vulnerabilities, threats, and mitigations. IA brings this understanding to our customers, stakeholders, and partners to provide the best solutions in an increasingly interconnected world.

IA’s Legal Authorities

NSA’s IA mission focuses on protecting NSS and the information stored and carried within these networks. IA organizations derive IA authorities via delegation from the Director of the National Security Agency, who in accordance with Executive Order 12333 Section 1.7 (c) and National Security Directive (NSD) 42 serves as the National Manager for NSS. In addition, IAD supports the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in defending systems of national interest.

Last Reviewed: 12 April 2016