Devices with Intel Atom C2000 Series Processors

Abstract: Devices with Intel Atom C2000 series processors can fail suddenly, impacting the availability of critical infrastructure and/or national security system networks. Intel Atom C2000 series processors manufactured since September 2013 (with B-0 stepping/version) could experience failure at above acceptable rates. The Low Pin Count (LPC) clock signal gradually degrades with use, potentially causing the device to cease operation and fail to boot. These processors are embedded in several types of network and enterprise devices (i.e., security appliances, network routers, and data storage devices). Suppliers are working with customers to replace or repair affected products. NSA recommends working with system suppliers as soon as possible to determine if devices are affected and create an appropriate replacement or repair strategy, depending on the criticality of the network system and use condition.

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Last Reviewed: 15 June 2017

Identifier: IAA-U-OO-800940-17

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Type: Advisory/Alert; IA Technical Advisory

Tags: Advisory; Operations