BIND 9 DNS Security

Abstract: Vulnerability Technical Reports such as BIND 9 Security provide our customers with value-added information regarding a plethora of technologies. These reports identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to improve or eliminate the identified vulnerabilities. These reports also prioritize vulnerabilities and identify future initiatives in that particular technology arena. BIND is an open-source Domain Name Server (DNS) software package from the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) commonly used to resolve host names to IP addresses and vice versa. As a key element in the Internet’s infrastructure, DNS servers have often been targets of attack by hackers, spammers and phishers. By taking a few simple steps, you, the customer, can help protect your networks and help protect the Internet as well.

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Last Reviewed: 16 July 2015

Identifier: I733-004R-2010

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Length: 15 page(s)

Format: pdf

Type: Guide/Plan

Tags: Network Security