Commercial Solutions for Classified

Abstract: Given constantly evolving mission requirements and the rapid pace of technology advancement, protecting national security systems and deploying information assurance solutions requires an agile, scalable process. CSfC enables U.S. government customers to access the latest technologies in order to achieve their mission objectives.

The CSfC process enables commercial products to be used in layered solutions to protect classified National Security Systems (NSS) information. This provides the ability to securely communicate based on commercial standards in a solution that can be fielded in months, not years.

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Last Reviewed: 27 January 2017

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Tags: Commercial Solutions for Classified - CSfC; National Security Systems - NSS; ICT - Information Communications Technology; Government-Off-The-Shelf - GOTS; National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST; Information Assurance - IA; Cyber; USSOUTHCOM; Air Force Research Laboratory