Ransomware: Locky (version 2)

Abstract: Malware placemats summarize a particular piece of malware based on researched, collected and fused information and analysis. Placemats are intended to inform customers of the past, present, and potential future infections, characteristics, and best practices/mitigations on particular pieces of malware. They are also meant to be eye-catching and easy to digest reports for decision makers and cyber defense practitioners. This placemat focuses on the ransomware Locky. Locky's infection rate accounts for a large portion of the ransomware infections currently seen across industry.

Date Published:

Last Reviewed: 08 April 2016

Version: 2

Identifier: U-OO-132909-16

Dissemination Control: N/A

Length: 2 page(s)

Format: pdf

Type: Reference/Overview; Factsheet

Tags: Analysis; Mitigations; Application Whitelisting; Cyber; Encryption; Host Based Security System - HBSS; Host Intrusion Prevention System - HIPS; Information Assurance - IA; Malware