A Guide to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Best Practices

Abstract: The dominant routing protocol on the Internet is the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP has been deployed since the commercialization of the Internet and version 4 of BGP is over a decade old. BGP works well in practice, and its simplicity and resilience enabled it to play a fundamental role within the global Internet. However, BGP inherently provides few performance or security protections. With BGP being the primary protocol driving the Internet, the security of devices dedicated to running the protocol is vital. Unfortunately, there are many vulnerabilities that can be exploited if proper mitigations are not configured. This error seems to be far more common than it should. For that reason this guidance paper is provided.

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Last Reviewed: 27 August 2018

Identifier: U/OO/202911-18

Creator: Vulnerability Solutions

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Length: 17 page(s)

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Type: Reference/Overview; Report

Tags: Hijacking; Application Whitelisting; Distributed Denial of Service Attacks - DDoS; Border Gateway Protocol