Seven Steps to Effectively Defend Industrial Control Systems

Abstract: Cyber intrusions into US Critical Infrastructure systems are happening with increased
frequency. For many industrial control systems (ICS), it’s not a matter of if an intrusion
will take place, but when. The capabilities of our adversaries have been demonstrated
and cyber incidents are increasing in frequency and complexity. Simply building a
network with a hardened perimeter is no longer adequate. Securing ICSs against the
modern threat requires well-planned and well-implemented strategies that will provide
network defense teams a chance to quickly and effectively detect, counter, and expel an
adversary. This paper presents seven strategies that can be implemented today to
counter common exploitable weaknesses in “as-built” control systems.

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Last Reviewed: 05 April 2018

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Tags: Adversary; Commercial Off-the-Shelf - COTS; Industrial Control System - ICS; Intrusion