The Information Assurance (IA) at the National Security Agency delivers mission enhancing Information Assurance (IA) technologies, products, and services that enable customers and clients to secure operational information and information systems.


Capability Packages

Capability Packages provide product-neutral information for a given operational requirement, which helps customers successfully implement their own solutions. A Capability Package identifies critical architectural components, while also describing the role each component plays in protecting data. This publication also identifies approved Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) products and shares guidance for customers, administrators, testers, and accreditors. Capability Packages are typically unclassified and are geared toward a wide audience. Among the IA's most popular packages are those for mobility and multi-site virtual private networks.

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Information Assurance Guidance

IA publishes guidance on IA security solutions, so customers can benefit from our unique and deep understanding of risks, vulnerabilities, mitigations, and threats. These documents include: secure configuration guides, frameworks, security tips, technical briefs, and more.

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Advisories & Alerts

IA publishes Information Assurance Advisories (IAA) and alerts for stakeholders, clients, and partners. Advisories and alerts warn of risks and offer specific information about vulnerabilities, mitigation guidance, products, services, and ways to harden security architectures.

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Mitigation Tools

Mitigation Tools provide customers with secure solutions to enhance their system architecture.

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Last Reviewed: 13 May 2015