Academic Opportunities

IA administers NSA programs that advocate for improving information assurance education, training and awareness. These programs offer opportunities for academic institutions and students.

Information Assurance Student Opportunities

If you are interested in developing your technical skills in a variety of Information Assurance (IA)-related disciplines, please take a look at the opportunities available through the IA mission at NSA. Through DoD scholarship programs and NSA real-work internships with the IA mission, you can obtain skills essential to the defense of our Nation's information systems.


Reducing vulnerabilities in national information infrastructures requires much more than leading-edge technologies and superior operational capabilities. It requires well-trained, skilled personnel in a variety of IA-related disciplines—and in sufficient numbers—to integrate the various dimensions of IA into a cohesive and coherent whole.

To meet the important challenge of finding and training these personnel, the DoD works with universities across the country to develop and expand IA-related curricula and to offer programs of study for future IA professionals. Students attending such universities are eligible to apply for the following scholarship programs to help them achieve their IA goals:

DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP)

The Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) enables qualified students enrolled in National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE), civilians, and military personnel to participate in full-time study to pursue degrees or graduate certificate programs in information assurance disciplines. In return, scholars must agree to some restrictions and obligations regarding curriculum, GPA, and post-program. Have questions about the IASP? Ask us now!

Federal Cyber Service Scholarship for Service Program (SFS)

The Federal Cyber Service Scholarship for Service Programs (SFS) provides funding to colleges and universities to award two-year scholarships in IA and computer security fields. Scholarship recipients will become part of the Federal Cyber Service. Upon graduation, recipients will be required to work for a federal agency for two years to fulfill their Federal Cyber Service commitment.

IA Summer Intern Program (SIP/IA)

If you love a challenge and want to solve real-world problems that have a direct impact on national security, then a summer internship with the National Security Agency’s IA mission might be for you. The Information Assurance Summer Intern Program (SIP/IA) is a full time, 12-week program open to select college upperclassman and graduate students who are concentrating their studies in the IA disciplines. 

IA Development Programs

The Information Assurance has several Development Programs that are available to both new hires and long-term employees.  For information about working at NSA, visit NSA's Career Opportunities.

Last Reviewed: 13 May 2015