NSCAP CIRA Accreditation Criteria

Does your company have what it takes to get accredited?

  1. Can your company deploy a team onsite to support an NSS owner/operator to deliver incident response or detection intrusion?
  2. Can your company provide a formal statement asserting its commitment to perform CIRA services?
  3. Can your company provide overview documentation describing the baseline processes used to conduct CIRA services, i.e., tactics and techniques?
  4. Are your key personnel capable of receiving or eligible to receive a U.S. Government security clearance?
  5. Does your company have a dedicated team of 5 full-time key personnel, at a minimum, whose primary job function is the support or delivery of CIRA services?
  6. Does your company utilize documented, detailed processes and procedures (TPPs) that are repeatable per incident?
  7. Can your company have a documented plan for key personnel to take ongoing education and training to address emerging technologies and threats?
  8. Can your company submit documentation to show past performance of at least 3 incident response engagements within the last 24 months?
  9. Can your company submit detailed processes and procedures used to manage customer property and information obtained during a CIRA engagement?

Did you answer "yes" to all questions?  If so, apply for NSCAP Accreditation!

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Last Reviewed: 15 October 2015