Frank B. Rowlett Awards

Each year, Rowlett Awards are given to celebrate achievements in Information Assurance (IA) disciplines.


In 1989, the National Security Agency (NSA) established the Information Systems Security National Awards to recognize outstanding organizational and individual excellence in the field of information systems security. Today, these annual awards, named in honor of the cryptographic pioneer Frank B. Rowlett, serve to recognize both organizational and individual contributions made to the Information Assurance discipline.

The Frank B. Rowlett Trophy for Organizational Achievement is awarded to the Federal Government organization that makes the most significant contributions to the improvement of national information systems security, operational Information Assurance (IA) readiness, or the defensive information operations posture of the United States.

The Frank B. Rowlett Trophy for Individual Achievement is awarded to the individual, within a U.S. Government organization, making the most significant contribution to improving his/her element's information systems security posture, IA readiness, or the conduct of defensive information operations.

To ensure that all deserving individuals and organizations in the community have an opportunity to compete, DNM urges you to nominate those whose accomplishments in IA most warrant recognition.

Please note: NSA elements and individuals are not eligible for IA national awards, nor are contractors.

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Nominating Procedures for the Frank B. Rowlett Awards

  1. Download the Instruction Booklet
  2. Download the appropriate nomination form:
  3. Complete the forms electronically
    • Remember the following:
      • Click on the gray area to enter text into a field
      • Properly and completely portion-mark for classification (to include U and U//FOUO portion markings)
      • Enter the names and titles of all required endorsers in the appropriate fields on the signature page, prior to printing the form
      • In the header and footer, replace "CLASSIFICATION MUST BE UPDATED WHEN FORM IS COMPLETED" with the correct classification level for the document.
      • Nominations are due by 31 January 2018

Please contact DNM's Client Contact Center for more information.

Last Reviewed: 13 May 2015