About IAD

Information Assurance (IA) is part of the National Security Agency (NSA). It is responsible for executing NSA’s Information Assurance (IA) Mission.

Information Assurance at the National Security Agency (NSA) is responsible for protecting National Security Systems (NSS) - which are systems that handle classified information or are otherwise critical to military or intelligence activities. NSA is granted this authority by National Security Directive (NSD) 42 and subsequently confers authority to IAD to conduct this important mission.

The Directorate works closely with Military Services and Combatant Commands (COCOMs) - particularly United States Cyber Command - to stay abreast of cyber trends and adversarial threats. IAD has developed partnerships with government, industry, and academia in order to commercialize Information Assurance (IA) technology and products. By setting standards and encouraging vendors to build to those standards, IA ensures that secure devices and networks are not only available to customers, but keep pace with current technologies.

IA’s objective is to provide Confidence in Cyberspace.

Last Reviewed: 12 April 2016